We have a Myanmar ore that has gone through our RF Plasma processing and assay by an independent lab in Japan showing very good gold content of close to 500 grams/ton. For further verification and assurance, we sent additional processed samples of the same ore to independent labs in Canada and S. Korea for assay. The three (3) assay reports below show comparable and consistent results. We have thus concluded that the Myanmar ore is economically feasible for day-to-day  production at our Yamagata plant.


More importantly we can control and source this ore (about 600,000 ton reserve) for our use. Our main goal in addition to profit making is to showcase our production flow from ore supply to plasma processing to finished product and to sales to smelters/refineries.

Assay 1 --- Japanese Lab

Au before RFP processing = 34 graam/ton

Au after RFP processing = 495 gram/ton

Assay 2 --- Korean Lab

Au before RFP processing = 66.5 graam/ton

Au after RFP processing = 493 gram/ton

Assay 3 --- Inspectorate

Au before RFP processing = N/A

Au after RFP processing = 485.78 gram/ton